Root Canal Treatment: Now You Know

April 17, 2021

Root Canal Treatment: Now You Know

Are you scared about Root Canal Treatment?

Most people are scared of Root Canal Treatment. Usually they picturize a painful experience when a dentist says root canal. But in reality it’s the vice-versa, root canal relieves the pain. For many people fear of the unknown stirs anxiety. So let’s discuss it.


Some common questions asked by our patients about Root Canal Treatment

What is a root canal treatment?

When is it needed?

What is the process and what to expect?

These are the questions you have in your mind right!!!


What is  Root Canal Treatment ?

When a tooth cavity is deep and reaches the innermost layer-pulp, it results in pulpal infection. Root canal treatment is the procedure to clean this infection and thereby improve dental health.


When it is needed ?

Main reasons for pulpal infection are

• Large and deep tooth decay

• A tooth abscess

• Need for crown

• Trauma- facial/mouth/tooth

• Cracked filling and/or tooth

Common Symptoms are 

• pulsating pain, especially when chewing or biting

• prolonged sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks

• swelling and soreness

• bleeding

• darkening or Discoloration of the tooth.

Steps in Root Canal Treatment

• An X-ray is taken to view the entire root length and to evaluate the extent of infection.

• To keep the patient comfortable, local anesthesia is given after checking the vitals.

• A rubber dam is placed around the tooth to create a dry working area. This helps to keep saliva away from the tooth while working.

• The dentist carefully excavates the decayed portion of the tooth and creates an opening to access the inner layer- pulp. Then the pulpal infection is removed using special instruments.

• Once cleaning and shaping is done, the inside portion of the  tooth is filled with an inert material. Proper sealing of the space prevents reinfection and increases the prognosis.

• If the remaining tooth structure is not enough to do a filling, a post may be required for additional support.

• Finally , a  protective crown is placed over the root canal treated tooth therby  retaining its original structure and function.


Main goal of the procedure is to relieve the pain and save the tooth thereby improving overall dental health.Though the whole process needs multiple visits, nowadays with advanced technology it is done at a  much quicker and efficient manner. 


A stitch in time saves nine. So now that you know the truth about root canal treatment please don’t hesitate or be afraid  to  visit your dentist when you experience any unbearable pain or when you think you need one.


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Courtesy: Dr.Kezia Varghese, BDS

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