June 9, 2020



Many of us grew up with silver fillings when we had a cavity but now we have tooth colored fillings to replace the silver fillings.

Our office is not offering Silver fillings because they have mercury. But they are considered safe by some and last longer. We would not recommend you to remove your silver fillings if they are good, as they are very stable in your mouth.

Cumming Dental Smiles.Tooth Colored Filling

Cumming Dental Smiles.Tooth Colored Filling

The best choice for fixing cavities are Resin fillings, also known as composites or bonding. These are tooth colored material and can be used in any surface cavity. We have multiple shades of resins so we can almost match any shade of your tooth. Resin fillings are not as strong as silver fillings and if a bigger cavity needs to be fixed then we might do a porcelain crown instead of resin filling.


Please talk to our dentists at Cumming Dental Smiles to discuss the options that best meet your needs. Dentist will recommend the treatment options based on surfaces, areas and location of the tooth so that the treatment lasts a long time.


Please call Taylor at 770-205-0466 for $100 off on Fillings for patients with no Insurance Or Schedule an appointment online at

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