Top 10 Asked Questions About Wisdom Teeth

March 5, 2021

What problems do wisdom teeth cause?

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause severe pain and swelling. It can even lead to your other teeth shifting and overlapping one another. Additionally, wisdom teeth are more vulnerable to gum disease and decay as they are hard to clean.

Is wisdom teeth removal painful?

No, wisdom teeth removal should not be painful, but you may feel a little discomfort. For simple wisdom teeth extractions, using just local anesthesia has been found to be successful and relieve pain. For more serious situations, you and your dentist/oral surgeon will decide which anesthesia options will provide you with the most painless experience.

What does wisdom teeth pain feel like?

You can feel wisdom teeth pain towards the back of your mouth or your jaw. Throbbing pressure, swelling, or cuts in the back of your mouth may indicate that you need a wisdom teeth extraction.

Can I brush my teeth after wisdom teeth removal?

For the first 24 hours, make sure to avoid brushing, especially around the stitched area. After 24 hours, you may gently brush around the stitched area and rinse your mouth with warm salt water.

How long does wisdom teeth removal recovery take?

After 2-3 days, you can expect swelling around the mouth and cheeks to go down. After about a week, you should feel minimal soreness and pain. So, it takes 2 weeks to fully recover after having your wisdom teeth removed.

Does removing wisdom teeth change your face?

No, wisdom teeth removal does not change your facial areas. After the removal, you may experience swelling in your mouth and cheeks, but that is temporary and should be completely gone after a week.

What is the best medicine for after wisdom tooth removal?

It is recommended to take an anti-inflammatory, such as Ibuprofen to relieve pain following the wisdom tooth removal.

How do you know if your wisdom teeth are infected?

Some common symptoms of infected wisdom teeth include: pain around tooth/jaw, swelling or redness of gums, bad breath, difficulty chewing, swollen lymph glands, and even a fever.

Does everyone get wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth typically emerge during the late teens and early adult years. Some people have up to four wisdom teeth, while others have none at all. Wisdom teeth and the need to get them extracted vary from person to person.

How much does removing wisdom teeth cost?

Wisdom teeth removal costs typically range from $399-$699. However, at Cumming Dental Smiles, we offer our non-insured new patients $100-$300 off their extraction. So, our special prices range from $299-$499.

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