April 26, 2021

How much does a root canal treatment cost without insurance?

A root canal treatment typically costs $999-$1199 without insurance.

How much does a root canal treatment typically cost for non-insured patients at Cumming Dental Smiles?

At Cumming Dental Smiles, we offer our non-insured new patients $300 off their root canal treatment. So, our average price ranges from $699-$899.

Is a root canal worth the price?

A root canal helps preserve the natural tooth, so it is definitely worth the price. Preserving the natural tooth can lead to fewer dental visits and a healthier smile.

What’s the average cost of a root canal for different teeth?

Front Anterior Tooth: $600-$900

Bicuspid Tooth: $700-$1,000

Molar Tooth: $1,000-$1,400

Why is a root canal so expensive?

Root canal treatment depends on the tooth and who is treating it. Typically, endodontists charge more due to their special training. Also, root canals on the molar are more expensive as they have more canals that need to be filled.

Does insurance cover root canal?

The type of insurance you have as well as your specific plan will determine if the root canal treatment is covered. Most dental insurance plans cover 50%-80% of the cost of the root canal.

Is a root canal considered basic or major?

Root canals are considered basic restorative care, which also includes fillings.

Is root canal retreatment more expensive?

Retreatment may cost more than the actual root canal treatment as filling material may need to be removed to access the tooth.

Is a root canal cheaper than an extraction?

Root canals typically cost more than an extraction as it preserves the natural tooth. However, root canals are worth the price as there is a smaller chance for future complications.

What happens if I can’t afford a root canal?

At Cumming Dental Smiles, we offer $300 off of a root canal treatment to our non-insured new patients. If you have insurance, most insurance plans will cover 50%-80% of the root canal costs. It is essential to avoid delay in your root canal treatment to prevent the spread of bacteria in your mouth.

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