August 25, 2021

1.Is it ok for me to get dental care and x-rays when pregnant?

Yes it is safe to get x-rays during a pregnancy. Your dentist will cover you with a lead apron which will protect you from  the radiation. 

2.Is it ok for me to get extractions when I am pregnant? 

The American pregnancy association recommends getting necessary dental work done within the second trimester of the pregnancy and postponing any other non-emergent work until after the delivery. 

3.Does pregnancy make me more susceptible to dental problems?

 Yes when you are pregnant you are more susceptible to cavities. The bacteria from these cavities can be passed to your baby which can lead to dental problems for the baby in the future. 

4.What are pregnancy tumors?

Pregnancy tumors, though the name may misguide you, are not cancerous. This is mainly referring to the swelling of the gum tissue in pregnant women. This swelling tends to occur during the second trimester. Most of the time, the pregnancy tumors go away after the baby is born. 

5.Can I use anesthesia when I am pregnant?

Local anesthetics are safe for the mother and baby and allow you to get any dental work done during your pregnancy. If you have any discomfort during the procedure, let your dentist know immediately.

6.What should I do if my morning sickness is keeping me from brushing my teeth?

One thing your dentist will recommend is to switch your toothpaste to something more bland. You can also rinse your mouth with water or a mouth rinse. Your dentist will be able to recommend some alternate toothpastes. 

7.Do I have to tell my dentist that I am pregnant? 

Though it is ok to get routine care done when you are pregnant, it is important to notify your dentist that you are pregnant, that way they know to push elective surgeries till after your delivery. 

8.Can I still use fluoride toothpaste while pregnant? 

Yes, it is safe for you to use fluoride toothpaste during your pregnancy.

9.Can I get deep cleanings done when pregnant?

Yes, taking proper care of your mouth is crucial during pregnancy. 

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