Wisdom About Wisdom Teeth Extraction

April 17, 2021


Most of us have heard about the wisdom teeth removal and have seen videos of the same on social media. Have you ever wondered what wisdom tooth is and why is it removed? 

Third molars aka wisdom teeth are the last set of molars to erupt. They usually show up in the oral cavity in their early twenties. And got the name wisdom teeth, as people of this age are considered wise. 


Our ancestors had big jaws and had space for wisdom teeth. They needed 3 sets of molars as they had to chew on raw meat, leaves, roots and other tough foods. But now our food pattern has changed and due to evolution we have smaller jaws when compared to our forefathers. So there is no room and use for wisdom teeth now. 

Due to the smaller jaw size the eruption of wisdom teeth gets blocked by  teeth that are already in the mouth. This results in problems in terms of the direction of growth and shape.

Reasons for wisdom tooth extraction

There are five main indications for extraction:

• the tooth is growing at a wrong angle,

• there is no room for the tooth,

• the growth of the tooth is causing crowding,

• Presence of cavity or caries or gum disease 

• the tooth is impacted.


Symptoms: How do you know?

Visit your dentist for regular checkups and dental X rays. Dentists will let you know if there is a necessity to remove the wisdom teeth.

If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s possible that your wisdom teeth aren’t growing properly. 

● Jaw pain and stiffness

● Pain at the tooth site

● Prolonged jaw ache or headache

● Unpleasant taste in the area

● Bad breath


Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? Please contact your Cumming Dentist , Cumming Dental Smiles at 770-205-0466.

Credits: Dr.Kezia Varghese, BDS

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