Meet the Team




Brenda has been a Certified Dental Assistant since 2012 and she is cross trained as an Orthodontic

Assistant and Patient Coordinator. She enjoys continuing her education and has been trained in Zoom Whitening.

The patient experience is her priority, and she works hard to ensure they feel comfortable in our office.

Brenda enjoys helping patents understand and implement their treatment plan. When she isn’t

working, she enjoys the outdoors and loves to travel. She loves spending time with her family and





Born and raised in South Florida Graduated College with an Associates in Science Degree. Currently pursuing a Bachelors in Criminal Justice. Enjoys spending time with family and friends. Hobbies: Cooking, Lake life

Food: Italian

Movie: comedy, action, and drama movies

Music: R&B, Hip hop, Rap, Country

Color: Blue




The same way I’m obsessed with keeping my teeth clean and in great shape, I enjoy helping patients strive for the same with their own chompers. I really enjoy smiling and watching others smile, and I believe everyone has their own unique and beautiful smile so it’s a great feeling helping others become more confident with their own!

I am currently pursuing an undergrad in mechanical engineering (I know not dentistry related), but engineering is everywhere and it’s really neat watching how it’s incorporated just in our routine dental procedures.

I was born in Colombia, but have lived in Georgia since I was 4 years old. Outside of work and studies, I enjoy soaking in the sun or staying active. You might catch me at the gym or going hiking or enjoying at the lake, listening to my music. I enjoy meeting new people and all kinds of people, so I love meeting new patients at our office!



Donna is a dental hygienist with over 20 years of experience in the field of dentistry. With a passion for oral health and patient care, she consistently provides hygiene services to patients of all ages.

Throughout her career, she has worked in various dental practices, gaining a wealth of knowledge and expertise in preventive dental care, periodontal therapy, and patient education. Her commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in dental technology and techniques allows her to deliver the highest quality of care to her patients.

Donna takes pride in establishing strong relationships with patients, ensuring their comfort and confidence during every visit. She values the importance of a gentle and compassionate approach that helps alleviate dental anxieties and create a positive dental experience for all. She is dedicated to educating patients about the importance of oral hygiene practices and tailors her advice to meet individual needs, empowering patients to achieve optimal oral health.

In her spare time, Donna enjoys hiking, kayaking, camping, gardening and spending time with her family and friends.



Lani went to Georgia State University Perimeter for her pursuit in Psychology. She loves meeting and getting to know new people! She enjoys being with her family, watching scary movies, going on adventures, playing video games, kids and animals; especially dolphins. Don’t be afraid to crack a joke with her. She is the class clown!



Shelvie has been a Certified Dental Assistant since 2008. She grew up and attended school in Wisconsin. After relocating to Georgia in 2021, she began her dental career in Cosmetic, Adult and Pediatric dentistry. Transitioning from the clinical side of dentistry to now the clerical side, she enjoys interacting with the patients and team. In her free time, she is active at her local church, loves singing, reading and cooking for her family and friends.



Growing up in a typical asian (Vietnamese) american family of course your parents want you to pursue a career in the healthcare field. In my senior year of highschool I took a dental assisting course. I graduated in 2014 at Cross Keys HS with a college prep diploma and completion of a dental science certificate. After graduating I decided that dentistry was not for me and wanted to pursue another career. I was working in several fast food restaurants, call centers, as a server and was not happy with what I was doing. In 2018 I decided to give dentistry another chance and basically started from nothing, but the knowledge I had from 4 years prior.

To this day I don’t regret the decision I made and love dentistry. My goal is to help the patients and educate them with the knowledge that I have of dentistry to the best of my abilities. I want to give patients the best care and make them feel as comfortable as possible while in the chair.

When I’m not working, I enjoy hanging out with my friends/family on the weekends. Going out and socializing and meeting new people. I also enjoy cooking and love trying all types of new foods.